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Routing Setup Report Links not Working


Clicking on any of the links in the Situs Routing Setup Report causes a weird dialogue informing that a 'New App' is needed as can be seen in the image attachment.
What new app? It is also strange there are no other (that I can find from the search engines anyway) posts about this.
A fix would be great, but also if someone can confirm that the link functionality works for them?

That 'new app' dialog is a windows thing, it's the same one you get when you try to open a file of a type that doesn't have an application registered to handle it. Seems like what should be an internal application link is getting handed off to the OS like a generic hyperlink? No idea how that would come about, have you uninstalled or reinstalled any web browsers lately? Or updated windows or Altium? I know there are a handful of places where Altium uses html documents with some sort of embedded browser view, do you get this message anywhere else, like in DRC reports?

Thanks for the info. Yeah, it is strange - have not noticed any other problems and all the DRC links work, both from the application message dlg. and even the html report. It is just the Situs routing links that fail. I had thought maybe a corrupted registry entry, or even antivirus, but that does not seem to be the case. Anyway, it's no big deal + I can quite easily live with it.


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