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Running Protel 99SE on Windows 10 - Virtual Machine?

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--- Quote from: PKTKS on May 18, 2021, 05:18:11 pm ---

WTF would anyone need this 99 PROTEL a 20y old under
the very same buggy ware MS shit OS ?  today...

WTF do anyone today would need this shit MS or old stuff for ?


--- End quote ---

Because some of us work for companies and these things are beyond our control.

The commercial world is full of problems like this, we just have to work as best we can given the circumstances.

No doubt i ve been there...

Times changed.

But stay locked out phased out for 20y+
To support those jerk assholes..???

It makes no sense any more



--- Quote from: PKTKS on May 18, 2021, 05:18:11 pm ---
In KiCAD using NGSPICE and SPECTRA AutroRouter under WINE.
And a lot of powerful data analysis tools under PERL and PDL
with ready bench graphing done by piped GNUplot..


Attached my BENCH with an 80s project TOTALLY LICENSE FREE
once I ditched all proprietary stuff replaced with OSS..
I can not even think a similar solution for that ...

--- End quote ---

I am curious. How do you get a FREE version SPECTRA AutroRouter? As far as I know that is now a FREE product.

Sorry my fault here...

It is not Specctra .. you can see by the shot it  is the license free Electra (if my memory serves me ok) 4 layer only auto router..

It just filled the gap where DSN was expected and a decent routing solution needed

Apologies for my in rush misplaced applets



--- Quote from: PKTKS on May 18, 2021, 05:18:11 pm ---The result TODAY  attached is a small project I started in the early 80s.

--- End quote ---
Your ranting skills are top notch !

Your layout skills on the other hand. If after that many years it still looks like that you should just give up.


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