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Running Protel 99SE on Windows 10 - Virtual Machine?

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Hey is anyone else persevering with Protel 99SE on W10?

I've had it running for quite a while with a patched client.exe file but it's seems to be getting flakier as time goes by to the point where it's now almost unusable.

Has anyone had success running Protel 99SE in a virtual machine on W10? Is it difficult to do?


What for?  nostalgia ?  :o

PROTEL 99 is the most bizarre version of the whole
PROTEL line (including pre PROTE L AUTOTRAXs )

It uses that insane MS DB and file based projects.. just nuts.

Ditch that even using modern ALTIUM importers
and far better results go from there..

e.g. you can export to others like Eagle?  KiCAD for sure

or stick w/ALTIUM



--- Quote from: PKTKS on April 21, 2021, 06:19:52 pm ---

What for?  nostalgia ?  :o


or stick w/ALTIUM


--- End quote ---

More decades of existing products than nostalgia. There's also some 'if it works why change it'. This is changing quickly.

An Altium upgrade is in the pipeline but it may be many months away, in the mean time work still has to be done!

I ran Protel99SE in an "XP Mode" VM under Win7 pro for years without any problems.  Well no problems that weren't also present when running Protel on a non-VM system at least.  Like you I had 15+ years of designs in Protel, but once I transitioned to Win10 I finally gave up on the virtualization and opened my wallet to Altium.  I sometimes miss being able to look at an old design without going through the import process, but really the capabilities in Altium make me never want to go back to Protel.

Well...  I can only give 2 cents of tidbits...

Because I have been there through the 80s and 90s
all along until options arise..

Here it is:
- What to expect  when you/we give to Microsoft greedy jerk assholes total
  control over our life data, our privacy but worst of all - OUR BUSINESS ?

- I have seen people blindly putting faith in those faceless assholes trusting
  their private software and methods to run their extortive algorithm over and
  over and over again and again..

- What happens is that very soon you will have to upgrade your hardware
as they want ,  their software - as they way - and the whole new
  "LICENSE" crap shit-ware  their jerk asshole lawyers want from you to sign
  regardless options of liabilities they would ever assume.

So.. options today do exist:
- in the very first place: DITCH THAT WHOLE SHIT from these jerk assholes
 and (re)assume control (back) over your privacy and YOUR BUSINESS
Do this TODAY - do not wait a minute longer

- you can very easily replace their private shit with some "generic"
 Linux distro..  the very one most recommended (which I have done
very frequently for others.) is LINUX MINT.  Direct replacement

- Once done - find a proper way to convert all your data and your
 EDA business .. my path was very long.. since the 90s to today
but for sure the very first option is KiCAD.

just get rid of those greedy irresponsible jerks of Microsoft.

You will find no need to look behind and a safe clear path ahead


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