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Cleaver Greene:
I did say to my boss at the time that I would have thought Altium Sales would have been all over us like a rash.
They actually refused to come and see us at our site. They said if you want to see a demo, you come up and see us.
As for support since it has been poor.
I suppose I could look to install 21, but from what I have seen of AD21, its ridiculously different in look and feel to AD17.


Draftsman is still a half-baked turd in AD21, so there's that for you to consider.  They fixed a couple of things like the idiotic grid offset thing, I think, but it's still painful to use because so many of the tools are broken, and the UI isn't consistent with other parts of the application. 

Altium's real issues run very, very deep, so the overall change in usability and productivity between major versions isn't huge IME, especially since they've been working on cloud shit instead of the core application.  Some things get better, some things get worse.  The major UI change (IIRC that was AD18, but really sucked until AD19?) I think was good, but it's largely a nice veneer on the same old problems.

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--- Quote from: Cleaver Greene on January 06, 2022, 11:21:10 am ---I am on subscription (who isnt?).

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The people who are smarter than us ::)

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heh, we just turned down a 'generous' 30% discount on renewal.  After paying for a number of years of subscription without seeing any meaningful improvement in the parts of the application we care about I don't see the point.  The only argument the rep had was that if we renew now we won't have to pay the $4k subscription lapse penalty if we resub later on, which.....if the subscription were worth the money in the first place you wouldn't need the penalty, would you?  You could charge for the lapsed period like Solidworks does, that'd be arguably reasonable, but a flat 2yr penalty is insulting.  I'll take a look at AD23 when it comes out and if it's worth the money then we'll resub, but if it's gonna cost me an extra $4k then it'll have to be that much better!

I got a perpetual license last year for less than half of their asking price. It came up for renewal last month and I said, "No." Before that, I used a client's AD17 and it was buggy on occasion, but usable. To me, AD21 seems more stable than AD17, but my usage isn't that heavy.

I've been using 22.0.2 and it's not bad.  21.8.1 was OK; 21.9 was screwed.

A perpetual license that comes with a standalone ALF file is the best, then download the full offline installer (2.5GBytes) that way you can install it without ever having to connect or deal with them again. 

The ALF file will be limited to the expiration date; in other words, you will only be able to upgrade (either online or via newer offline installer) to whatever version up to that date.  If an newer version comes along after the date of your ALF file expiring - even just a point release - you won't be able to run it.   Been doing this for years;  been a Protel Altium user since the 1990's.   

This is one of the good things about Altium - it's a real perp license with no bullshit.   

Another good thing is that you can install parallel installs and test newer versions without hosing your working one. 

 I too had stuck with 17.2 through the whole AD18/19 crap... I then got a call from some VP (I'd dealt with him before back in the 1990's) and got on a conf call/Go To Meeting thing back before they released 20.  They had brought back some features, tho AD20 was buggy as shit.  I then started using it in a production environment and it was OK. 

Like I mentioned above, I'v been using AD22 for a while now. But it still lacks some features that had been in AD since DXP/AD6.x.  One is the ability to dissolve mechanical layer pairs and maintain the primitives.  Finally, a user named Brett on the official forum released a script that you can just make a toolbar item that does it:

Create copy button set Process  :ScriptingSystem:RunScriptText
paste the below text into Paramters:
Text=Var B;C;I;P;M; begin B:=PCBServer.GetCurrentPCBBoard;P:=B.MechanicalPairs;C:=B.CurrentLayer;for I:=1 To 1024 do begin M:=LayerUtils.MechanicalLayer(I);if P.PairDefined(C, M) then begin P.RemovePair(C, M);ShowInfo('UnPaired Mech Layers :' + Layer2String(C) + ' & ' + Layer2String(M));break;end; end;B.ViewManager_UpdateLayerTabs;end;

This will unpair any selected mechanical layer with NO loss of primitives.
Last edit: Brett

Kicks ass.  You just gotta make sure that you one of the two layers when you run it.   

Some great guys on that forum. Best reason to pay for maintenance.  And I don't think you even need to maintain maintenance to be on the forum. Just when you sign up.



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