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Cleaver Greene:
Hi all,
New to the Forum.
I have been using Altium AD17 for some time now. I am always reluctant to jump to the latest version until bugs and other nonsense are sorted out first. Generally I am always one issue behind on all the CAD software I use.
However, with Altium, I was not impressed with AD18 so never moved up a version.
My qustion is, If anyone who is using a later version than me could tell me if all the bugs are ironed out and it is a stable version, waht version would that be please?
Kind regards

Are you currently on subscription, or do you have a perpetual Licence? If so, maybe read the Altium support forum. I'm subscribed to the email list and I don't think there is a version that is bug free. However, someone did ask the same question as you on 9/5/2019 (a Mr Binedell) and he got several responses to his question.

Hard to say really, every version has bugs and often your use case determines if you bump into them or not.
For me v21 is working OK, but TBH I still miss the old user interface of AD15...can't recall what AD17 UI was like.

I'm using '21 - it still has bugs, from complete crash to hidden file corruption. Not so much that its completely unusable, but backup often.
I don't think I've EVER used a stable, bug-free version of Altium - and I go all the way back to when it was called Protel!

I think the devs spend most of their time reorganising the UI instead of actually fixing issues.

No such thing as bug-free Altium, accept this.


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