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Testpoint Manager: Highlight nets with testpoints=INCOMPLETE How???


Howdy.... Altium PCB ->  Tools -> Testpoint Manager:   this shows me nets with assembly_status = INCOMPLETE (ie. nets which don't have a testpoint.).  So for these incomplete nets, how can I highlight, or make a query, or select these?
Goal is to look at my pcb, see which nets are INCOMPLETE, and add a testpoint to each.

I'm not familiar with the Testpoint Manager facility, but I can tell you what I've done to solve the problem you cite.

I wrote a simple program in a visual Basic "clone", that reads a Protel formatted net list of your schematic, line by line, captures any net that does not contain a part with a "T" or "TP" prefix, and generates a simple report of such nets. The report calls out all the other parts on the offending net so it is easy to find the missing TP.

This of course requires that each and every net in your schematic have discrete test point parts attached, but the program runs literally in seconds.


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