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Anyone know if an Altium license can be sold on and, if so, how much it would be worth? I asked an Altium rep but they didn't get back to me.

This is not a technical issue - it would be perfectly feasible to give a buyer the licensee details and passwords, ALF file, etc., and let them get on with it. However, is that legally doable and what would the value be?

Their EULA does not have any clauses against selling a license, so...

I think 'sell my copy' translates to 'transfer'...

--- Quote ---3.2. In no event shall you disclose, transfer, assign, publish, distribute, provide in a service bureau, rent, lease or in any
other way make available to any other person or entity the Licensed Materials or any part thereof without the prior
written consent of Altium.

--- End quote ---

I don't expect Altium to be helpful, even transfering to someone else with a desk a few yards from me, in the same company, was troublesome.

In the EU there has been some legal wrangling over 'second hand' software licenses.
Firms are legally doing business today selling secondhand Office license keys.


--- Quote ---In 2012, the ECJ answered the question with its famous “UsedSoft” ruling (docket no. C-128/11).

According to the ECJ, the resale of software licences was generally permitted under the following conditions:

    The computer program was put on the market within the EEA with the rights holder’s consent.
    The original rights holder granted a perpetual licence, meaning without time limitations.
    The rights holder received reasonable remuneration.
    The initial acquirer (who later resells the licence) deletes all remaining program copies.

--- End quote ---

I think all of the above hold true for Altium users within the EU so transfer should be legal, but perhaps not blessed by Altium. IANAL ;D

Thanks very much for your considered replies, particularly evb149's extensive thoughts  :-+

That did raise something I hadn't thought of, which is official support. My understanding is that if you let maintenance lapse they generally want to claw back all the intervening years before you can renew, so that would be a significant cost to the buyer if they expected to get updates. The corollary is that they would be buying obsolete software.

For clarity, I am not planning on selling my license. This is about knowing what it's worth to my company for book keeping purposes. The license, according to my accountant, is classed as Plant & Machinery so has residual value, whereas maintenance is classed as Software and has no value.

Rules for such may depend on where you live.

As far as I know, if yo buy something here in the EU, it's yours and you may do with it as you wish, including disassembling, reverse-engineering, re-selling etc, and this is regardless of what that other party has put in their eula.

For the other thing, I'm a happy KiCad user myself and I won't pay 10ct for an altium lisence. (But I did donate some substantial money to KiCad).


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