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Unexpected Behaviour with slots (AD19.1)

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I need a footprint with plated slots and found this rather strange behaviour in Altium designer 19.1 (no, i dont want / can upgrade): When the slot is set as "Slot" the polygons have a big clearance, but if I use "Rect" they behave as expected.
It is also strange that the pads seem to be bigger internaly (see the transparent selection marker)
Is this a Bug or intentional?

check your pad stack & see if it's simple or full stack, change to simple if the board is only double side & see if it has any effect

No, same behaviour with Simple, Top-Middle-Bottom or Full Stack.

What is the defined poly -> hole clearance for those nets. You can inspect the applicable binary rules.

Clearance is 0.2mm for everything... It behaves as expected for rectangular slots (see first post)


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