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Untented via report


I would like to create a report showing the x,y, coordinates and net of untented vias (that can be used as test points). 

How can this be done in Altium? 

1) You select one. Right click, find similar objects. Set up the preferences of it.
2) OK, now all of them are selected.
3) View -> Panels-> PCB list
4) Show only selected objects
5) Profit?

Query in PCB Filter panel,

IsVia AND NOT SolderMaskTentingBottom AND (AsMils(ViaDiameter) >= 40)

The above method helps you generate the query, a good way to get familiar with the scheme.

And yeah, PCB List is best way to get their properties.  Net, X1, Y1, etc.

Alternately, tag them as Assembly Testpoint - Bottom and get the Testpoint Report in the OutJob or whatever.  This can also be assigned automatically (by rule) from the Testpoint Manager dialog.



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