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Why different components on the same line in the BOM ?

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I'm a beginner on Altium. I started a new project and created my own library.
For example, I have a component with the design item ID : CAP_0603_XR7_50V and an other one with CAP_1210_X7R_50V
But when I generate the BOM, these two different components end up on the same line ( line 110 )

They are not sorted by value, since on a different line I also have a 10uF capacitor, but with the ID CAP_1206_X7R_10V ( line 111 ).

Do you know what im doing wrong ?

Thank you very much  :)

wrong footprint ?

I don't think so. The footprint given for capacitors in 0603 is CAPC1608X90N and for 1210 it's CAPC3225X220N.

And even if the footprints were the same, they're two different components, so Altium should put them on two separate lines, don't you think?
Otherwise I'd have the same problem with resistors or TVS, for example, but this isn't the case  :-/O

You have to group by Libref and Comment. But don't do it this way, the comment is not for that. Make your own "Value" filed, or better yet, define a maker and part number for it.

Thank you very much, I fixed it quickly for this time like that but I will add a field value in the parameters section for my next project  :)


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