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#196 (recast 01-08-22) An Interview with Mike Engelhardt (LTspice) + bonus



6 episode video : Mike Engelhardt on LTspice

The below is not part of the video above
But I leave it here for reference

By chance I was fiddling with these and figured out how it works

4 parameters are required
Rtot = total potentiometer R
Wiper = 0.01 to 0.99 relative position of wiper
Rtap = "curvature" of log curve
Tap = 1 for Nlog / 0.01 for Plog
(I editted the symbol roughly)
run a test [op] sim and we get this
(rename *txt to *lib)

edit : to note are the pin assignment which will make cw/ccw turning relevant
In Plog 1 = cw 2 =ccw
In Nlog 1 = cw 2 =ccw

We get a log pot and a reverse log pot (useful for audio sims)


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