Author Topic: Need recommendations for "best episodes" based on "old timer" type characters  (Read 3702 times)

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Greetings, electron steering folk :D

I am very much enjoying "The Amp Hour" podcasts, notably:

> The Vincent Himpe episode

> The Forrest Mims episode

> The CREE LED episode

I very much enjoy old timer stories of yore, with the exceptions (not always) being:

> I find anything related to/leading to "retro" computing/Apple/Silicon Valley etc, rather stale and "meh" - it's just that there is SO much repetition of these stories, and so many digital consumer computing history stories around, I can find that noise anywhere, and am tired of it. Example - Woz - he's amazing, but I've heard his stories a gazillion times, and as for Steve Jobs... yawn...

I like things I can relate to - old tales of factories and workplaces (like the Vincent Himpe episode with the silicon fab tales), preferably non-consumer gear - a good story telling guest is a plus. Oh, and yeah - you may notice I am not picky, heh! Anything unusual, takes from greybeards and nothing related TOO much to software and processors - preferably analogue stories or stories from factories, development.... I am finding it hard to PRECISELY quantify the mood of what I like, but it's 50s-90s kinda quirky stories that go ON AND ON... the longer the podcast (3 hours+ is better, the longer the better.)

Definitely NOT interested in:

"Raspberry Poo"
"Open Source" or software hippie stuff, CRINGE.
Anything of that ilk, regurgitated too often online.

I am interested most in the simple stuff, how components are made, tested, invented - funny stories, how the paths of life of the guest take unexpected turns, industrial/military/silicon fab/inventions... etc etc...

If you can recommend any episodes based on this somewhat obscure criteria, I am indebted to you.


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Nobody?  :)

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From your extensive descriptions of what you don't like, it's hard to think of good recommendations.

Probably Chuck Peddle, Dave Taylor and Bil Herd are safe to recommend although these are retelling old tales.

I suggest you flick through the listings at:
Most have pictures of the guest and you can exclude episodes based on "Insufficient Greyness of Beard".

Definitely stay away from Michael Ossmann, Akiba, and Bunnie as they bang on about open source toolchains/IP regularly.  However, I find most guests (including those three!) have something interesting to add on the state and/or history of the industry. 

Open minded listening leads to unexpected nuggets.


Until proven otherwise, all TED talk presenters should be considered as charismatic charlatans.
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