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#586 – Fran Blanche Version 3


#586 – Fran Blanche Version 3

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Thought I would put up some pictures of the controller I made, to replace Heath Robinson design, that came with the original duplicators I ran. Used what was spare lying around, all old PC parts that were unable to run Windows 95 on the upgrade to it. All new computers, I had a really busy 2 weeks work.

Old 386SX machine, a whole 1M of RAM, mostly because I had plenty of it, and old mono EGA cards, with parallel port and FDC controller on separate cards. Ran MSDOS6.22, and with a quick and dirty bit oo GWBasic, running to bit bang the parallel port to operate the 2 remote control cards in the rest of the machine. worked really well, and after about 6 iterations of the software it was working quite well, able to run the duplication system well.


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