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#589 – Mute Button Discipline


Hey Dave Jones @EEVBlog,

I worked for some time doing repairs for Zeiss Ophthalmological equipment, can't remember most of which you mentioned, but I do remember the Humphrey Fields Matrix, it runs on some sort of Linux OS (Ubuntu 12 or so if I recall correctly). Did you get the USB or the CD version? The're still around, they're used to measure your peripheral vision.

Some of the most advanced equipment were the back-or-your-eye scanners, working with an interferometer and stepper motors and mirrors to direct the beam. That was a full blown PC with some serious machinery in there.

Just be careful when you look at them, sometimes they can flash a fair bit. They should be safe if they're ok though.... after all they are for looking into someones eye... but you don't know when they were calibrated last.

What was the other equipment again?




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