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Good God!
The 555 is FORTY years old?.I can remember it as the hottest new thing to hit the hobby market  since the OC81 (wonder how old that is?).That was the mid to late 70's so I suppose it took a while to filter down.Also at the same time the 741 was very popular.If a project didn't have a couple of these in it it was the exception.Also remember my introduction to FET's and MosFEt's  via ETI.Suppose thinking back it was the golden era of electronics and the death (very nearly) of the hobby scene for a long time as vlsi and microprocessors made repairs/modifications to kit nearly impossible.The folding of most of the electronic monthlies discouraged the take up of young kids into the hobby plus the expense, it's a wonder we still have any table top engineers left.

If it makes you feel any better, Chris, I also call it the "Five Fifty-Five."  ;D

I have always called em fififive timers. Its faster than saying triple five or five fifty five.

Nah! Fahfahfah or fahfittifah !



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