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My guess would be 465M, since he mentioned it was the ruggized version of the popular model on the show, and I believe it was somewhat modular. If I remember correctly, it's not actually related to the 465 (the 465M name was for marketing reasons), but based on the 455.

I've never needed to take mine apart so I have no idea if it's modular or not.

Wow, I wasn't even close (nor did I look, sorry!). It was the 425M.

Much love for the 465M. If I remember right it was designed to be dust proof so it's totally sealed and has no fan (unlike the 465). They don't suffer for it either (think military temp range), but they're not often well taken care of on the outside. Still, it's nice to see pictures of a scope's guts without a fleck of dust on it after thirty years! I'm not sure if the 425M would be the same, but those pictures make me think so as everything is nice and clean.

You aren't kidding, mil-spec ain't nothing to mess with.


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