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I've not been listening since the beginning, only the last few months. I've yet to figure out the point of the show.

If there is a direction the show is going it isn't apparent. This by no means is a shot at the show, both Chris and Dave are smart guys and I enjoy the content.

You enjoying the content is the point of the show.

There essentially is no "direction" to the show, and Chris and I have not really discussed it that much apart from trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, and ways to possibly grow the audience.
Chris usually has more grandiose ideas than I do on this, so he might like to chime in.

But really we just get together once a week and "just do it", and chat on about whatever takes our fancy or comes to mind. Usually electronics related, but not always. People seem to like it given the consistent audience from day 1, there seems to be a niche there.

Figuring out "direction" and "strategy" is for people with MBA's who like to piss in the wind.

The "point"?
You enjoy it right? that's good enough for me.
I originally came up with the idea for the show to give people another medium and format through which they can get their "electronics fix".
Video takes concentration and constant viewing, as does reading text blogs. But a radio show can be played on your way to work, sitting at the desk at work (without being busted for wasting your time surfing :->), walking the dog, exercising at the gym, or whatever.

Given that you can't really "teach" or show stuff on a radio show, it's essentially just entertainment. It's for those people who want to listen to a radio show format, but would prefer electronics talk rather than gossip on Paris Hilton or whatever is on regular radio.
What is the "point" and "direction" of regular radio shows?

We accept suggestions!


Thanks for the insight...And may I suggest no celebrity talk and or political psycho babble as that crap kicks my A.D.D. into overdrive.

I'm entertained! Keep it up!

My 2bit suggestion for what gets my nerd on... I love first-hand experience-based stories about situations/events that teach and entertain. If the story is a great example of some particular "do, don't or how-to", even better. Failure stories can be especially fun and great educational entertainment, too. :) Maybe even a short "FAIL!" segment each show, heh!

Regardless, what you've got going is great and just be yourselves!


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