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Chris said he was designing a new workbench and  this has prompted me to start a new thread as I am going to be doing the same come spring (if it ever arrives Brrrr! ) What I want to know is what do I need for a good work bench? Ok a nice work surface and storage area are a given but what do you have thats really handy but not immediately on the must have list. One that is on my list is a shadow board, like a hanging wallboard you clip your tools to with an outline of the tool that SHOULD be hanging there you can see at a glance if something is missing, really helps to prompt a tidy up Lol.

This is just my opinion, FWIW

When I built my mechanical shop I did the entire wall behind the bench with PegBoard (which is what I presume that you're talking about). That's about 12' long and 5' from the bench to the ceiling. I absolutely loved it .... for about a month. I now hate the stuff so much that this summer I'll be tearing it all out and putting up sheetrock.

*MY* problem with pegboard is that no matter what you do, it looks cluttered. Stuff hanging there that doesn't get used much will get dirty. There are cheap hooks, and expensive hooks. If you get the cheap ones, the hook falls out every time you touch the tool. If you opt for the expensive ones, it can get VERY expensive by the time you have everything hanging. Tools hanging there, even with outlines, are an invitation for anyone to grab a tool fully intending to return it, then they never do.

You may love the stuff and it may work well for you. For me, however, I've suffered the crap for 5 years, and a year ago went and bought a good tool chest (locking). I'm much happier.

Pegboard is indeed the correct generic term, thank you. I like it because I'm not tidy enough to use a tool box correctly, six draws and a tote tray to search is way too much  :-\. I use a variety of methods to hang things from cup hooks to magnetic strips or even those springy c shaped clips whatever works. As you say pegboard is an open invitation to borrow tools but at least I know it is missing and can usually track down the culprit (Kids or missus) before it goes AWOL, keeping the Lab (read shed :)) locked helps too.As I am doing a complete refit of the Lab (New Shed  8)) any tips are welcome ie power outlet placement tips.They always seem to end up in the wrong place.Tools, which ones? just about any usefull tips you may have come across when doing your rebuild so that I can copy or avoid any mistakes


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