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Episode #271
« on: October 17, 2015, 12:49:00 am »
Dave --

I love your videos, and I almost always agree with what you say. However, the discussion about AWS vs Sparkfun and Adafruit is just plain wrong!

AWS targets their IoT stuff at enterprise-level developers. It's a paid, underline PAID service, with all kinds of bells and whistles for data mining, etc. Whereas Sparkfun's service is not only free, which is the big differentiator, but it's aimed at hobbyists and smaller projects. It's essentially a text-based interface only. You send data, and it displays it on a webpage. Really simple, no bells and whistles.

Basically, you saying that they will lose to Amazon is a complete fallacy as they're not targeting the same people, or even offering the same services! It's a similar concept, in that data is being uploaded to the cloud, but from there the similarities end. Sparkfun aren't trying to make money with it -- so they can't really "lose". They're just trying to build a simple-to-use service, that might help sell some more of their boards. I'm not totally clear on the situation, as it's still in invitation-only beta, but I think it's pretty clear they are NOT trying to compete with Amazon. Who is trying to compete with Amazon? Companies like Exosite, who are also targeting enterprise-grade services, with powerful APIs for data mining etc. Exosite might lose to Amazon, Sparkfun's phant and Adafruit's almost certainly won't.

Also, your temperature sensor didn't disappear. The link re-directs to Exosite, who bought the service that it was hosted on originally. All the data is still there, and if you were to turn the sensor back on, it looks as if they've maintained backward compatibility with the old service, so it should just work.

Sorry if any of that sounds harsh, but while I was walking home and listening to the show I was literally talking out loud to myself, saying "No! That doesn't make sense!"

P.S. I still love your videos and the Amp Hour, just wanted to make that comment! [Edited to sound less harsh]
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