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Maybe this is what you are looking for regarding the different flash memory:

I have purchased 3 routers for less than $25 CDN each for putting openwrt on. 2 of them have large flash memory sizes (128MB). But beside it, it says NAND. So I think NAND has some issues, but I am hoping it does not effect anything and is a bit slower. I preferred a larger OS partition so I could install all sorts of stuff to the openwrt. I use it to do things like yt-dlp all night with my cell phone. Works fine. Like I set up to get a load of youtubes or a movie and it is on a flashstick when I wake up.

Might have to call “The Pi Store” and tease them a little, in a kind manner. I’d record the call of course. 😂

Oh just finishing listening to the whole show. I use something that sort of does the effects, but would not be as convenient as what you are proposing using. For this I am using an Audigy 2 and the KX Project 3rd party drivers. Using this setup requires a PCI slot on your motherboard, as well as the card. I think in theory you can use it for some inline DSP using sources and outputs.

I have different dsp layouts you can load, and one had a compressor that basically made a TV all the same volume no matter what was going on with it so it would not be annoying at one point.


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