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Is amphour officially dead?

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In short words - in my opinion it only worked when both Dave and Chris interviewed guests.

Now there is only Chris with his startup/maker/hacker/conference/meetup/arduino/iot/artist/hackaday buddies.

Long gone are days of real industry/academia guests :(

Maybe it's my impression, but maybe Dave is also tired of speaking over and over with Chris's people from maker/hacker community, so he only occasionally pops up for no-guest episodes?

Anyways - I'm sad - my favorite podcast is going downhill...

It's still my #1 podcast to listen to in the car and on airplanes. I discovered it perhaps only 6 months ago and while I definitely prefer the Dave and Chris interviews of guests over the Chris-only ones, I still very much enjoy the Chris-only ones. (The series was not especially good, IMO, but 401 was OK, 402 was great, 403 good and I'm in the middle of 405 which is good; all of those were Chris-only.)

Some of the older episodes had really great guests for sure. I think the recent few episodes are also still well worth listening too (397.xx was not my cup of tea, admittedly).

I'm going to continue to "Keep Current"...

"Chris-Dave" is good for chat.
"Chris alone" is good for interviews. But not the recent barrage of random people with noise in the background.


--- Quote from: ataradov on September 17, 2018, 10:35:55 pm ---But not the recent barrage of random people with noise in the background.
--- End quote ---
To be fair to Chris, he did label the 397.xx all as one episode number and gave fair warning that they'd be different and have worse audio and if we wanted to skip them, to do so. In retrospect, I probably should have, but that I didn't is my own choice, not CG's fault.


--- Quote from: mwsoft on September 17, 2018, 08:24:16 pm ---Anyways - I'm sad - my favorite podcast is going downhill...

--- End quote ---
Maybe you're changing too and your expectations are diverging. I know that for a time I thought the EEVBlog was going downhill in spite of Dave's data to show he was doing what he always did. But now I realise I have changed a bit. Not personally, but in response to much more diverse and abundant content available.

You might have the same experience. You might be more busy for example and less tolerant of topics and guests not finely attuned to your specific interests.


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