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DJPhil, I just added it to my profile (still getting the hang of this forum)
To save you the step ...

It's pretty empty at the moment, having deleted tons of dated stuff, but I have half a dozen projects on the bench to finish up and post.

Ah good, I was going to ask JohnS that as well, never did find out what site he had previously. Thanks for linking!

The photo is from (shhhh! Don't tell big bro!) Google Earth. I ripped a view highlighting both the US and OZ and smushed them together. Then I cutout just the countries and overlaid them different colors. The whole coloration thing was just playing with the hue and brightness. The detail all over the place is elevation and clouds I believe. Both are integrated into Google Earth (love it!). The centerpiece is the same circuit board graphic used for the top of the Amp Hour site.

If anyone needs other sizes or has better ideas for text surrounding the images, let me know.


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