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Love the show.
I'd like to reference it from my page but there isn't a good takeaway image on the AmpHour site.
I'll link it anyway, but you guys might want to consider creating something suitable. I'm certain I won't be the only one looking for it.


Yep, we need a logo or something.
That reminds me, the EEVblog logo needs to be chosen...


I've grown quite accustomed to the "squatter's rights" logo as we currently see in the browser tabs.

I'll start looking into it. Do you mean like a badge people could pop onto their own site? I did see someone ripped the circuitboard + name from the top part of the page, but I dunno if that should be the long term logo.

I think he means something like Dave did here...

A collection of images which could be used to promote your site.


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