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#364 – The Endless Y2K
« on: October 27, 2017, 07:06:05 am »

Was a nice episode to listen, still great to hear you both on nice subjects.

Anyway I was boiling in my car listening about the Tesla Powerwall internet connection.

Yeah sure it raises security issue, but I really believe on the interest to get such device permanently connected.

In short summary : smartgrid #rev3 @jeremy_rifkin or the decentralised internet of energy

Ok  the 3rd industrial revolution can be debate, but it gives you an example of the interest of interconnected energy storage and usage.

Knowing who where, energy is stored, generated or used is a vital key feature for energy usage in our changing world, climate change, etc...

So it is very relevant for Tesla on a system point of view, to get data from their solarcities and powerwall to offer services of "stable" (or trying to...) renewable energy delivery.
As an electric car can be also considered as an energy storage (filtering capacitor system wide) when not used and connected to your house solar panels.

As having permanently connected autonomous cars. Just don't see automous cars as individual cars, but as a system flow that could allow making more efficient road (car/hours) if their speed and paths are thinked as a fleet.

Yeah, connected batteries and cars offers security issues, but that's a trade off with the services it could offers.

And I agree with you on the other concerns, problems and solution for the overall IoT and security concerns around it.

See you!
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