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Hi C,

I'm not sure how many smartphones will be reading your site but a simple site can easily be converted with least problems to any web enabled device.  I don't have a smartphone but all my friends do, and they routinely watch custom videos, youtube, google videos, on their phones, whether its from a dedicated site like youtube or someone's website.

Also to clarify what I posted earlier, its not the smartphone that will be color blind or vision impaired, but real people.  So one tenet of web design is preferably a white background on near black letters for maximum contrast, or a similar combo.  Likewise, its not the design or spiffy graphics that are the core of technical websites, its easy access to information, like Wikipedia.

Sample design using simple design rules:


--- Quote from: ChrisGammell on August 09, 2010, 07:45:06 pm ---You know Shafri, if there are any WordPress fanatics out there, I have very limited experience and would love to have a "contest". I saw all the awesome work people did for Dave's background image but didn't want to ask too much too soon (I've not done much for the EEVblog forum members yet, ya know?).

I'll tweak on those images tonight Hero, I'm glad you have a good eye for that stuff. My photoshopping is even weaker than my CSS/PHP ability.

Saturation--I'm not sure there would be a lot of smart phones accessing this stuff (at least not by the feed). Do you think this will be the case for people listening/reading about the show?

--- End quote ---

To be honest, I just threw the RSS feed into Miro. I don't care how the web site looks.  ;D ;)

I agree that the text's background is a bit too busy. Other than that, I like it.


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