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I'm sure the interest in the Amp Hour ( is dwindling on the EEVblog board, but I was hoping for some feedback on our new theme. If you have any suggestions or see anything that's broken with how the pages render, let me know here and I'll try to fix it.

On the same kind of note, since I'm guessing the radio show's discussion will be moved off this message board in the near future, I'd like to thank everyone for the great input. It has been really helpful.

Well at least "Solder" is spelt correctly... ;D

I don't like it to be honest.

I think the log graph paper makes the text hard to read.

I agree about the background. The initial loading appeared a little slow, maybe the images are too large? Although this may have been an issue with my local internet connection, I didn't have time to double check in Firebug.

Not sure if giving the radio show a separate message board is a good idea, these shows tend to trigger all kind of general electronics discussions, and splitting the communities up doesn't seem the way to go. But I can also understand that you might want to separate the EEVblog from the Amp Hour, since EEVblog is purely Dave, and the Amp Hour is a joint project.

We aren't going to have a message board for The Amp Hour. Just comments. Dave and I specifically talked about how there are too many boards out there to register for and check these days anyway. Also, I didn't mean the EEVblog forum couldn't still be a place to discuss, just that I figured because of the separation there would be less interest from the EEVblog community. Maybe that's not the case though and like you said alm there would be MORE discussion around here. I was just making predictions based on the lack of activity on the forum in the past couple of days, but that could have been because of the server switch and the fact that we only do the show once a week.

As for the design, I was worried about the graph paper. I'm going to tweak it tonight, try making it even lighter (that's about 300x lighter than the original) and changing the text color. I realized today that the template I started from used brown text for much of it. I think the contrast ratio will improve when I change the text to all black. I have a list running of things I want to change so if anyone else has non-graph paper suggestions, I'd love to hear them so I can try and update all at once.


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