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No 524 EEV as houshold battery


Regarding how it was mentioned the cars could be a battery source for houses or power grid:

If the battery in an EEV had an infinite lifespan, this could be an option. However, I don't see why you'd want to lower the lifespan of your car for the pennies back you may get for making the city's power grid more efficient. Also, you want your car charged when you want to use it. So this whole line or reasoning is sort of silly, except you would have house power during a blackout with the same hardware.

Some research on V2G has shown that the effect on the battery is minimal, and in some cases can even extend its life - e.g. by not having it sit at a high SOC for extended periods

I imagine the car owners would be compensated for supplying operating reserve to the grid.
As I have heard, reserve power can be very expensive, especially when it is fast-acting.


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