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OT: episode about IRL watchdog timer for old folks?


There doesn't seem to be any better place that I can find to ask so I'll try my luck here:

I remember several years ago hearing Elicia interview someone who was talking about using smart devices e.g. fridge or toys like a stuffed bear to act like a watchdog timer for old folks. e.g. If granny hasn't opened the fridge door by 11am then call/text me so I can check on her. Or a stuffed toy that she can pet whenever she passes it etc. Less intrusive and stigmatising than the usual help alarms etc for old folks.

I think the interviewee was a woman, but I can't remember any other info.

I'm helping someone with a project now that this would be super relevant and useful to. 

Anyone remember or have any clues other than me manually reading through 5 years' worth of show descriptions?


Look at 17 and 54.



My technique to find was to download the episode RSS feed and search it for some likely terms. "monitor" ended up being the one that landed me on 54.

Ah, very clever. Thanks!!!!!


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