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For the next and subsequent shows if you have any questions you want Chris and myself to answer, or topics or subjects to talk about, then please ask here.

It's not a tutorial show though, so no "explain how a transistor works" etc


I'll give it a shot. Feel free to ignore what doesn't make sense, I'm up late tonight. :)

I've noticed that it seems like most of the hacker/maker culture consists of folks who had a background in software programming and make the shift into hardware. It seems much more rare for someone to start with an analog foundation and go into microcontrollers.

Q. Would you guys agree, or am I just seeing things?
Q. Does this carry over to professional design engineering, or, is this why it's sometimes frustrating to hear, "We'll fix it in software!"?

I ask as someone with a broad background in all sorts of hardware troubleshooting (cars, computers, etc.) but no programming experience since my Commodore 64. I'm doing my homework now to sort out what language (or more likely what flavor of C) to build a strong foundation with. I feel like I'll have an advantage in mixed signal projects if I can ever get my brain around programming!

One of the common cousins of hobby electronics, at least in the US, is ham radio. I think it'd be neat to see a whole new generation really get into radio as a hobby again, but I think it could be a hard sell with internet messaging and so much more within ready reach.

Q. Do you guys think the tide of enthusiasm for electronics will someday wash back into long distance radio?

Edit: Adding little bits as I think of them.

Just some topics from the top of my head:

* Manufacturing in china - good and bad things about it, your personal experiences and its influence on the industry

* Crappy consumer products - it's getting harder and harder to buy anything decent now, not only consumer products, even many tools marketed as "professional" are abysmal in quality and some good brands rebrand crappy products and sell them as their own, you can just rant about it because it drives me mad every time i try to find something decent, I would be pleased to hear you rant ;D
I will add some more if something comes on my mind.

Why everything is made in China? Obviously cheap labour is a significant factor but it can't be the only reason, there are plenty of other countries with lower wages. There again, perhaps that's too broader question.

government incentive to investors maybe, lower taxes, easiness of regulation or registration or Bureaucracy etc, but surely its financial or economical reason.


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