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There's another post that Dave started before in the News category: but I thought I would start a discussion here as well. Dave was nice enough to give it a whole other category on the forum. We are looking for a name for the show if we continue it and if everyone likes it. Any feedback or names for the show are appreciated!

Why not plain and simple EEvblog Radio Show?  Or Analog Dialog?

Most of us are here because of the content, the general congenial atmosphere and Dave's colorful insight into general EE. The name of the show won't make a difference to technical people who read far worse titles professionally everyday.

eevblog is very bizarre as a word, but when you see it from a engineer's perspective it starts to ring nicely: ee for electronics engineer, v for video and blog for blog, it works like a mnemonic in the old assembly language kind of way.

I presume its a neologism.  When you search it on google, thus, it immediately comes up #1 to this forum and Dave' site.  If you create some English type of catch phrase, chances are it will be drowned out by similar words imbedded in other text.

Unlike other electronics web sites, the word 'electronics engineer' pulled me here because I wasn't anticipating endless rehashes of EE 101 fundamentals or extremely bitter and curmudgeon engineers on the usenets.

Personally, I look mostly for thorough impartial non-partisan or conflict free reviews Dave does and hope others would do the same so we can get a large repository of gear reviews, from test equipment down to components, dealers, price breaks, etc.,  Its very academic in a way, compared to the watered down and probably biased reviews one reads in trade rags.

Analog dialog is a newsletter from analog devices, but i like how you're thinking. The KISS principle!

duh! since 1967  :-[

great collection!

Yes, KISS could then simply be "radio eevblog"

--- Quote from: ChrisGammell on July 28, 2010, 02:28:57 pm ---Analog dialog is a newsletter from analog devices, but i like how you're thinking. The KISS principle!

--- End quote ---

Or you could take the approach of a certain comedy trio and use a proper name that has nothing to do with either of you.

The James Douglas All-Stars

 ;D ;D ;D


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