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0.01UF 50V ZF - What does ZF mean?

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I need to replace a few caps on a receiver and the service manual species the following:

0.01UF 50V ZF
0.1UF 50V ZF

What does the ZF stand for?

I think it maybe another way of saying the temperature coefficient of Z5V

There are some graphs here which have Z5V(ZF)      Y5E(YA)    Y5P(YB)    Z5U(ZE)

Also this table seems to back that up. It looks like there are three naming schemes  EIA / JIS / GB

It does seem odd though because Z5V isn't a high spec cap, far from it. It's pretty bad in fact.
So why anyone would label something as needing to be that type of cap is a bit weird.

I'm sure someone will know for sure what it means

It means it should be a 105 oC rated capacitor.

So if I order a 5% part @ 125C then I should be fine, right?


--- Quote from: requim on November 02, 2011, 07:26:02 am ---So if I order a 5% part @ 125C then I should be fine, right?

--- End quote ---

Yes, even better than manufacturer reccomended specs


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