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0 Ohm resistors

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What is the purpose of 0 ohm resistors? I have noticed a lot lately that most of the boards i assemble at work are using 0 ohm resistors rather then simply using jumper wires. For us the process is exactly the same for both jumper wire and resistors, same axial sequencer/inserter, same wave soldering process, same everything on our end. so wouldn't it be cheaper to use jumper wires rather then 0 ohm resistors?

I remember someone explaining on another board that pick and place machines have problems placing with little bits of wire, so they make the little bit of wire look just like a resistor and call it 0 ohms. Something like that, anyway.

They could be also to make selections, like decimal places on Panel Meters.

In the other hand 0 ohm resistor looks much better than wires.

as far as i know, pick and place machines cant be used at all for through hole parts, thats why we use an axial sequencer and axial loader. it bends and loads jumper wires just as good as it can for resistors or any other axial component

0 Ohm resistor sounds like the kind of oxymoron Kurt Vonnegut or Joseph Heller would have thunk up ;)


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