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1000 EUR Oscilloscope

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--- Quote from: Solder_Junkie on December 16, 2023, 07:14:29 pm ---As both a home builder of equipment, and someone who spent their working life repairing electronic equipment for a major European manufacturer (who also made oscilloscopes), perhaps I can make a suggestion or two…

Chinese ‘scopes are “OK” for home use, but are cheaply made. I have a Rigol DS1054z, the good points are:

Low cost
4 channels which can be handy at times
Doesn’t take up much space, easy and light to carry.
The 1054z used to be easily “hacked” to 100 MHz and give extra features (maybe can still be done). The hack could be reversed in case of needing repair.

The bad points:
The supplied probes are poor, factor in the cost of buying a set of better ones.
The rotary encoders are poor, one of mine has become intermittent.

Regarding those advocating buying an analog scope to start with, check the mainstream manufacturers… you won’t find one, the world and his dog use digital scopes, they are easier to use and the triggering is vastly superior. Knowing what signal to expect, I can preset my Rigol and capture a transient event “1st go”, and have it stay on the screen, which isn’t something an old analog would manage.

Personally, and as suggested by others, unless you have a real need, don’t waste money on an expensive scope, even in the service industry they tend to gather dust on the workshop shelf. 500 euros should easily get you something useful. Put the spare cash into a decent multimeter (a USA made Fluke with a lifetime warranty, that won’t burst into flames when you test the mains supply on Ohms) and a good soldering station (Hakko or Weller).


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I do own a couple of great Flukes and a good soldering station!
What would be the scopes you would recommend then, as a person who saw them "from the inside" ?


--- Quote from: nightfire on December 17, 2023, 12:21:42 am ---Another approach: Get some scope for a  bit less than 1000 Euros, that maybe has some decent resale value, and get some needed accessoires like a differential probe, when you have to probe inside power supply parts etc.
Or a PCB holder or that stuff.

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will appreciate any specific model of the scope that you can recommend 

“ What would be the scopes you would recommend then, as a person who saw them "from the inside" ?”

The problem is that an entry level oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz will only give you 2 channels and 50 MHz bandwidth for €1300 (inc vat). Such prices are not a problem if you are equipping the workshop of a European company who can offset the cost against tax and enjoy the support of a serious test equipment manufacturer.

A retired home user, like myself, has to consider the cost more carefully. You get 4 channels and 100 MHz from Rigol or Siglent for less than half the cost of the lower specification R&S oscilloscope. In addition, the Chinese oscilloscopes include a lot of decoding features for free, these features come as additional expensive options with R&S.

In the past year I used my oscilloscope 3 or 4 times, my Fluke 177 is used every week. An oscilloscope gathers a lot of dust…



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