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12 Hours Urgent! - Video RCA to VGA Schematic Needed

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i have a task tommorow (12 hours and counting) that i have to shoot/record an event and show live on LCD projector. my video cam only has that yellow rca out for TV, but the projector in the hall has VGA input. is there any simple and quick wiring on how to output my video cam (rca) to the projector (vga)? hope to get answer within 4 hours so i'll have 4 hours soldering and another 4 hours sleeping :P. please help.

You can't do it by simple wiring, it is a completely different standard and you would need a video to VGA converter box. Are you sure the projector doesn't have any other inputs besides VGA?

You need to get a TV tuner card for a Windows PC with a composite video input. Probably worth something like $30-$40, but retail may be double.

The as long as the PC has VGA output, you can take the composite (RCA) in and output it to the VGA screen.
In a pinch, you can do the same thing with the USB video capture dongles worth about $20, but really, USB is not quite fast enough. You may find yourself stuffing around trying to get the right compression working.


Almost all projectors have an RCA video input.

There may be an issue though if the projector is mounted high up on the roof out of reach and they have only cabled the VGA connector down to the floor.

What kind of storage does your camera use?  If its flash memory than just copy it to a computer (borrow a laptop?) and use that. If it used DVD storage, use Handbrake software to 'rip' the DVD to computer. 

If it uses DVDs, you will probably have to format it in the camera before using the software.

Let me know if you need more details.



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