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can somebothey please send me schematic for 3-chip?
picture (bw): http://www.rebelhosts.com/tt/te/images/p101.jpg

Colin Mitchell at Talking Electronics has all the info, and can probably still sell you the mags and a kit maybe.
Tell him I sent you.


Ha! That brings back memories. I'm sure I have a copy of that magazine issue stashed away somewhere. I've got a Tek-1B in the shed.

Anyway, is there any particular reason why you'd want to build one of these? They are very simple, and there should be dozens of comparable Z80 single board computer designs kicking around on the Internet.

From memory it was a simple oscillator (either using inverters or a transistor multivibrator), a 2732 EPROM, and 74LS374 latches for I/Os. The Tek-1 also used a 74LS138 to decode ports - the Microcomp might not have bothered with the latter for simplicity.

i want build it beacuse its cool (i watched demo of this comp)


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