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5v to/from 3.3v level ic suggestions ...



i'm looking for suggestions for level converter ic ,  if possible available in  dip and SMD.

im waiting on few BSS138  mosfet to try this solution who seems to be a standard for bidirection...
but is this the best way to go ?

right now i did my matching level between an Amega328 spi interface and a 23K256 SRAM with resistor dividers and diodes, this is good for more than 1Mbits, that is fine with my prototype.

Are we talking serial buses like spi and i2c or parallel buses ?
For i2c there is the pca9603.
For spi you can use the bss138 trick

For parallel buses you can use 74lvcx4245. Those chips have two power pins. One tied to 5v one tied to 3.3 volts

A buffered volatge divider should work fine, but you can certainly get 3.3V regulators as well for next to nothing

thanks all :-)


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