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7-segment LED "die" = ?

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The datasheet for a large 7-segment LED specifies a maximum current "per die." Does that translate to "per segment of the display" (+/- the decimal point)?

And if that's the case, what does it mean that it then specifies the maximum "reverse voltage per dice?" Presumably the given 5V max is for any die/segment, right?

Thanks for any clarification you can offer. --drm1

Large displays typically use multiple LED die in series, fewer for DP.
 This will usually be shown in the datasheet. As they are in series this doesn't affect current spec.

Why not show us the datasheet? voltage per die means voltage through one segment/one led of the display.

Short Circuit:
one die is the active element of one led, not necessarily one segment.
if the thing only has leds in series than this is also current per segment,
but maybe there are multiple arrays of leds in series per segment, if it's a really large display?

Thanks for helping. The datasheet is at


Each LED segment does contain five diodes in series (but only one array each), so the current specification could only mean "per segment."

Thanks again.


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