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"practical electronics handbook" by Ian Sinclair and John Dunton - RIP OFF

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Well luckily i have a PDF copy of this book that I scvenged off the net (I think a user from another forum sent it to me) rather than wasting my money on it and really now that I'm reading it i'm getting all the more dismayed ! I really hate these "new fangled" books written purely for profit. The book is scimping on important explanations almost as though it assumes you know about the subject (which i do hence my picking up on these mishaps where a real novice would be left in limbo), diagrams are on different pages while the text starts talking about other topics really it is poorly laid out, poorly written and the diagrams are in my opinion not always following conventions and do have errors like a stray diagonal wire basically shorting a part out. Really when is it that people will go back to wrting about electronics as a passion and not just to rip us off. This books wrting style is almost as bad as Mike Predco writing about pics, I get that feeling that either I'm dumb and not getting it or that the author is ripping me off.

Well rant over - ye be warned, I was hoping this was going to be a lighter read than "the art of electronics" just to refresh my memory and pick up a few more details here and there but looks like I'll have to go with the more hardcore "the art of electronics" (that is a bit too in depth at times for a hobbiest) when i actually want to know something and read this one for "entertainment" value

Sorry to hear.  The book recommendation list here I think is top notch:


There are not that many, but I think they cover the field.

thanks, my main point was to point out that this book is not a good option for beginers due to it's incompete and glossed over explanations. Just read that LDO regs dissipate less and are more efficient than normal regs.... eer yea but they forgot to mention the whole scenario, if your still dropping the same voltage it won't make any difference.

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