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A better soldering iron


I've done some searching for a better soldering iron than the one I've been using for the past 3 years, a WP25.  A few days ago I watched a video on drag soldering, and realized that having a 30 year old iron (without even knowing the necessity of flux I might add) might not be ideal for such a method.

So far, it looks like I ought to go with the Atten 937B or the 938D -- does anyone have either of these irons?  If so, please write a review/post a teardown.   ;D


Atten as a brand is very mix quality at best, doesn't work at worst.  If you are going to buy a Chinese branded station, Aoyue is a better bet.

A best bang for buck right now is the Hakko FX 888 or the Weller WES51.

Ditto on the Hakko FX 888...its the best bang for your buck.....best $95 i ever spent.............

I agree on the fx-888, it's a whole nother world from my previous ebay iron.
And if you look at it as an expensive tool, it will definitly last you a long time, so per year it's nothing at all :)



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