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Advice far as a assembly/dissassembly toolkit

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I just need to know if this is a good toolkit to purchase for assembling/dis-assembling.


If not could you please post some items off amazon that might be more suitable. Thank you and i really appreciate every last one of your timing

Have a look at the stuff that Dave has, it's all amazon (page 2 at the bottom). Personally I like buying tools as sets but that normally sets of screwdrivers, sets of pliers and so on. No matter what you buy you will need more. Tools are heavy so buy locally is you can, the hardware store, Sears and the like. Order the specialty cutters and hard to find stuff on line. A woodworking store is a great place to get dental picks, a good automotive store will have specialty screwdrivers. Need some weird pliers go to the hobby shop and look at the bead making stuff, I'm not crazy about pink though. My feeling is that you need to see tools or trust the brand.



I'm personally not a huge fan of kits - the usually have less quality and focus more on quantity. But that kit seems alright for mechanical assembly if you are short on money. But there isn't anything in that kit geared for actual soldering - so electric assembly in that kit would be a joke. But that fused with the highly recommended Hakko Soldering Station wouldn't be a bad start for a starting hacker.

Thank you much Nick and i appreciate the response. Pickle its just for taking things apart and putting them together. not going to start soldering PCB's till June. Anything by chance pickle u think im going to need far as taking things apart and putting them back together? If so please let me know. :)

Screwdrivers, real ones, buy a set. For 25-50 bucks on sale you should be able to find a serviceable set locally. Do a search for cell phone disassembly tools (I'm sure you can find on amazon). In that kit you should find a plastic pry bar, couple screwdrivers and some guitar picks. The plastic pry bar and picks are great for prying cases apart. Alternatively you can make the prybar from an old plastic scrub brush and picks from the music store. A small socket set (1/4 inch drive metric and standard sockets). Security bits and a screwdriver to match, jewelers screwdriver set. Don't forget needle nose pliers.



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