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Hi guys
This is my first post here, and would like to say "Hola" to everyone.
I'm an undergraduated Electronic Eng. , and i would like to buy a new multimeter.
My budget is about a 100-120 bucks.
Features in order of magnitud are:
- Micro-Amps and Mili-Volts
- Decent accuracy for dc volts and ohms
- Relative Mode
- Autoraging
- Acceptable Capacitance acuraccy
- Freq. measurement to at least 1Khz
- Temp measurement (no a must, but a big plus)

- Computer Interface
- True RMS
- AC+DC (volts or/and amps)
- Inductance or Transistor gain (hFE) measurement

Thank you all for advice

If you want PC interface for $100 or so, you'd be looking at the Chinese brands like Uni-T


If you are on a budget you might put the Radio Shack 22-812 on your shortlist, details here:


It costs about $70 in Radio Shack stores typically, but it has in the past been offered at $50 for limited periods. It doesn't tick all of your boxes, but it hits many of them.

You can either use the computer interface software provided, or I wrote a simple logging program for Windows you can get here:


My code will work fine on Windows 7, but the Radio Shack software may not. The interface protocol is documented so if you feel like it you can modify my code or write your own.

Tony R:
I once wanted a DMM with a computer interface, and i got one it cost me $80 or so after shipping, and i loved it for a while, but i found i never really used the computer interface part of it that much. and then it broke shortly after a year.

I looked at the radio shack one, i ended up getting one online from www.circuitspecialists.com, and looking back i would not recommend them anymore.

The radio shack one does not have an isolated PC connection, and it being a cheep DMM i would not trust it not to take out your computer.

ultimately, i reconsider the PC interface requirement, its good if you want to test how a battery drains, but i don't think you will find any use for it any time soon. Im not sure how many low end DMM will have a uA range.

I am a big fan of Fluke, the 89 is a good meter and hits everything in the required section (i got mine new for 314.44 on amazon.) No PC interface, is True RMS, does not have a AC+DC but its not hard to get that without the feature built in, and idk about anyone else, i don't trust the hFE tester on DMM, are you really going to use it that much anyways, plus what is hFE? its Ic/Ie, nothing you cant find without it

You may also find a used 189 or 187 on ebay for under or a little over 300, i know its above your budget, but it will do data logging and everything else you require.


--- Quote from: Tony R on September 21, 2011, 02:22:37 am ---an isolated PC connection

--- End quote ---

Are you talking about the IRDA to USB modem ?
If yes, some latest Mastech ones uses this too.


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