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I am considering building my own ESP32 controlled FM/AM radio. I've already created one on a breadboard using an ESP32, a Si4703 breakout board, and an OLED using a SSD1306 via I2C. I'm pretty happy with the result so far, am feeling ambitious (probably cocky), and want to go all the way to HD radio. I would really like to use the Si4689, which is a massive step up from the Si4703. There are no breakout boards, but I'm prepared to make my own.

The Si4689 is a QFN-48 package, and I am hoping to solder it to a SMT Breakout PCB, so that I could prototype the circuit, and write the software first. My plan is breadboard the design from the Si468X Schematics and Layout Guide, and eventually design and fabricate my own PCB.

* Is the ESP32 up to the task? I haven't yet counted up the number of IO pins required by the Si4689, but aside from that, can anybody see why the ESP32 won't work?
* Will I be unable to make this circuit work on a breadboard? I know I'll be exceeding recommended lead lengths, and dealing with weird capacitance issues, but can a breadboarded circuit work?
* It looks like I will need to load firmware into the Si4689 upon each startup (see AN649 pg. 397). Any problem putting a 2MB ROM on a breadboard?
* Do I need to worry about licensing issues for digital radio, or is that already done by Silicon Labs? I'd rather not get into the project only to learn that the DAB/HD Radio features won't work unless flashed with a key of some kind.
I'm off to dive into the programmer's guide, but wanted to ask these few questions first, just in case this was a totally insane and undo-able project.

I am interested in pursuing a similar project. Have you made progress on it? Did the ESP32 implementation work?


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