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I'm working on a way to charge some A123 Li-Ion batteries (ANR26650M1) with a Honda TRX450 alternator. So far, I'm thinking of just setting up some dummy loads to pull CC/CV from the alternator and then supply CC with varying voltage as the batteries like to be charged. Any comments/suggestions on how to get a circuit started?

Attached is also a sample circuit diagram my friend gave me, it's to charge the batteries with an external charger, I was told a couple of adjustments to said circuit would be enough to get it working w/ an alternator instead.

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It's just a matter of modifying the voltage regulator to output the proper voltage for the batteries. Almost every automotive alternator is a 3 phase wound rotor synchronous machine with integrated output rectifier and many have integrated voltage regulators.

Are you saying modify the alternator output voltage or the charging circuits ?

Modify the charging voltage.

I believe the A123's like to be charged through constant current varying voltage until about 85-90% charge, so wouldn't using constant voltage be the wrong thing to do?


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