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Hey, I am creating a simple AM transmitter consisting of just the carrier wave.

I have attached a schematic of the 1MHz oscillator. I have made this design from other designs so I am not sure if it will work.

Am I right in thinking that the output is a 1MHz Square wave at +9v?
If so how would I attach an antenna?
I have seen designs that include a inductor to increase the range/power and I am not sure as to how to how to use an antenna.

Thanks for any help

You don't want a square wave -- that  will produce a whole heap of harmonics.

What's needed to create a decent 1MHz RF carrier is a nice LC oscillator that produces a sine-wave output (low in harmonics).

There are plenty of examples out there -- go look up "colpitts oscillator" for some suggestions.

Don't attach an antenna to that thing,unless you want to incur the wrath of your neighbours!

Take RCMR's advice,as with your square wave,you will interfere with people's radios,& they will become quite upset,plus you may attract the attention of the licencing authority--& believe me,you don't want that!!

Even with a nice 1MHz sine wave,I would be very wary about connecting an antenna,for the same reasons.
Many Administrations let you play about with very low power,& minimal antennas on the Broadcast Band--some others forbid it !

Ha ha, thanks for the advice. It was meant to only be on for up to 5 sec as a sort of remote control.

you need I believe a colpits oscilator, this will have a "tank circuit" in it that is the Lc part and will produce a sine wave. Use only as much power as you need. I'd suggest one of the frequencies used by AM radio as they are seldom used and just enough power to transmit as far as you need.


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