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Amplifier and timer switch circuit

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Hi there, complete newbie here.

I would like to insert a timer switch (Frontier TM619) into a circuit wiring an power amplifier to a 12V battery. I am struggling to understand how to wire them together and link to 12V battery.

The timer acts as a manual switch.

Below are pics of the timer and the amplifier power input terminals.

Any help much appreciated! Thank you


This page contains an Instruction Guide:


Link to the guide: https://timerco.com/images/products/TM%20619%20Instruction%20Guide_Timerco.pdf

You seem to have the "12V AC/DC" version. Connect your 12V battery to terminals 1 and 2. It won't matter which is connected to + and which to -. Terminals 1 and 2 are used to power the timer.

With the battery connected the display should become active and you should be able to program the timer.

How is your amplifier powered? Is it also powered from the 12V battery?

Thank you!

Yes, I connected terminal 1 and 2 to the 12V battery and the timer is functional. Now how to connect the amplifier (with 3 outputs: B+, GND and REM) to the battery and the timer? The same battery should power the amplifier as well.


Connect +12 of the battery to terminal 3.
Connect the negative of the battery to the amplifier where it normally would be connected.
Connect terminal 5 to the amplifier where you would normally connect the positive of the battery.

I am afraid that doesn't work. I wonder if the 'REM' has to be plugged in somewhere for the amplifier to turn on...


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