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Amplifying MHz signals

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Just thought I'd add:

I'm ordering a PCB with the transistor version of this amplifier setup on it, all worked on breadboard. But even with SMD parts, 0603 passives and sot-23 and soic, the transistor one turns out to need a remarkably large area. I'm going to check all the practical results of how the system works with the transistor version, then later return to further testing of 74HCU04 CMOS inverters as amplifiers*, because it would be nice to get a future version of the PCB down to a more compact size.

* I had some odd behaviours and lots of noise on output signals where the transistor versions had looked to give clean signals for the same situations, may have been due to poor probing or breadboard layout at the time though, I'll try again after fully verifying the function of the design using the transistorised PCBs


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