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Amprobe AM220 or SANWA CD770 or UNI-T

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What meter should I (beginner) choose?

Can't find any review of SANWA CD770 except this link with photos

Amprobe AM220  

Measure: AC/DC Voltage up to 600V, AC/DC Current up to 10A, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle
AC/DC micro Amps for sensors diagnosis
Large Backlight LCD Display
Diode Test
Audible Continuity Test
Data Hold
MAX, MIN and Relative measurements
Auto and Manual Ranging
Auto Power Off (can be disabled)
Tilt stand


AC/DC Voltage:          400mV 4.000/40.00/400.0/600 V
AC/DC Current:          400/4000µA 40/400 mA 4/10 A
Resistance:          400.0 Ohms 4.000/40.00/400.0 kOhms 4.000MOhms/40.00 MOhms
Capacitance:          40.00/400.0 nF 4.000/40.00/400.0/4000µF
Frequency:          10.00/ 100.0/1000 Hz 10.00/100.0/1000 kHz 10M Hz
Duty Cycle:          0.1%_99.9%



3-3/4 digits 4000 count
Easy to read large LCD
Thermo plastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shock
Safety cap on current terminal
Data hold, Range hold, Relative function
Continuity check, Diode test
Auto power off function (30min.)
Display : numeral display 4000
Sampling rate : 3 times / sec.
AC frequency bandwidth : 40-400Hz (sine wave)

IEC61010-1 (EN61010-1) 2001-02
CAT.III 600V Max. / CAT.II 1000V

€53,00 +VAT

AM220 would be my choice and is, I own one and am quite happy with it

the UNI-T  UT61D $43.19 from ebay is worthy ?

these ebay uni-t models are real or fakes?

I've a Sanwa CD770 and here are my comments on it..

I like this Japan built quality DMM but there are a few things missing ( the higher model have it at a much higher price ) :-
- Current measurement, only 400mA, no 10A
- no backlight

Overall, I am satisfied with this model, pretty fast readings and good accuracy ...


--- Quote from: neutrino on December 31, 2010, 02:24:29 am ---the UNI-T  UT61D $43.19 from ebay is worthy ?

these ebay uni-t models are real or fakes?

--- End quote ---
I haven't seen fake Uni-T meters. Fraudsters, when going through the trouble to fake a meter, like to target the high-end brands, because the margins for the fraudsters are higher. Uni-T is low-end stuff. It is not the bottom of the barrel, but it is nothing to write home about. They aren't high-end meters in stealth mode. You get your $43.19 worth, but not more.


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