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Analog multimeters, are they still useful?

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Is there anyone who still uses analog multimeters?

Analogue multimeters have their own charm!

I'm sure there are people who do, but in my opinion, you'd have to be desperate or willfully obstinate to bother with one these days.

I have a cheap digital multimeter by I always wanted one of these old brick-like analog meters.
I know maybe their are not as accurate as a digital ones, but I think analog they look nice on the workbench.

When digital multimeters first appeared here in Oz in the sixties, I bought one immediately. It was Advance, I think DMM1 or DMM2.  I took it to work for my coworker technicians to look at, and after using it for a few months, the conclusion reached was that they were very good for measuring stable rail voltages and setting the output voltages of power supplies.  I have had many others over the years since, and had many fail for no good reason. They are pretty useless measuring a varying signal, but are OK for other things.   I build a bit of electronic gear, and often use several AVOmeters  circa Model 8.  I bought my first one of these around the same time as the first DMM  as much of the two way radio gear we were servicing specified that model for test point measurements for RF  alignments.  But in recent years as they are now quite expensive to buy new, and they were still available a couple of years ago, people wouldn't be using them so much.  But as they have fallen out of favour, I have been gathering them up for next to nothing, and it is common for me to have three or four of them connected to a circuit I am working on, while a DMM wont respond as quickly and can be harder to read when the voltage is varying a bit.  DMMs are now inexpensive and  they certainly take less bench space.  I bought three about two years ago, I have one that still works.  None of my analogue AVOs  have ever failed except for terminals needing polishing.  I have a couple of dead AVO  DMMs from garage sales or swap meets but haven't had the time to get them working.  And DMMs don't like the heat, or sunlight when they have LCD displays.


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