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I am fairly new to electronics, and I am planning on getting an oscilloscope soon. I would like to get a "real" analog oscilloscope off of ebay, however I am not sure what to look for in a used oscilloscope(manufacturer, bandwidth, etc).

Could anyone point me towards what looks like a good oscilloscope for a beginner on ebay?

hameg, HP, agilent and many more are good, most scopes don't go below 20 MHz and this should do you fine unless you have a specific need

Don't forget Tektronix, who basically invented the modern scope and remained on top until the DSO leveled the playing field with HP/Lecroy. HP's scopes had a reputation for horrible triggering, although I'm sure they've fixed that in their later models. Lecroy's scopes (especially their earlier models) had a pretty unintuitive user interface. Tektronix scopes usually do command a premium, though.

Well the oldies are an good option , but  have in mind those ...  
1) Possibly damaged tube
2) Old model = no parts or support.
3) documentation ...   ( Users  manual )  its an must have, with the device..  


And look for a good support forum




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