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any opinions for zd 917 soldering station

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Yes i know it's a Chinese product but i wonder if it's any good.


Unfortunately i can't find any hakko in Greece and most ebay second hand station are for 110 V AC :(

Any opinions - suggestions on alternative? I quite like the desoldering combo

I would personally look for something else - this is a soldering iron and a desoldering iron in one. In Poland I was able to get a soldering station with an iron and hotair gun for the same price of the zd 917 station. I think that a hotair gun is more usefull since you can desolder your components using solder wick or an iron and a suction tube (I'm not sure if this is the correct name for those syringe-looking things that can suck in melted solder)

But then again I never had a desoldering iron in my hands nor did i work a lot with hotair guns so I'm not the best source of info :)


--- Quote from: exodia on August 22, 2010, 06:36:37 pm ---most ebay second hand station are for 110 V AC :(

--- End quote ---

why don't you use a stepdown transformer? i have several appliances running that way

It is a Zhongdi http://www.china-zhongdi.com/zd-917.htm

Zhongdi soldering stations are pretty common among hobbyists in Europe and are good enough for hobby work. I won't trust them in heavy 24/7 usage in an industrial shop. It is not high-end stuff, but has made its way into the offerings of large electronics retailers (rebadged, of course).

You get them, and - important - spare parts in many online shops and on eBay.

Especially regarding the ZD-917, the desoldering gun is known not to be the most robust.  A spare is about 15€. If you don't absolutely need desoldering, consider a soldering station like the ZD-936 or ZD-937. And the 147.40€ that Greek shop is asking for it is way out of line. 99.99€ like here http://www.komerci.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=237&cPath=24 is more realistic. But check that vendor's ZD-931 and other Zhongdi offerings, too.

The problem is that it's 99€ but it ask for 34 € shipping so it's almost the same. I tried searching ebay for Zhongdi but i didn't find anything. Do you know any other brands that are re badged Zhongdi or any soldering station with desolder gun that are 220V and at the 100-130€ price point?


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